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We aim at collecting and publishing short, original analyses that touch upon contemporary developments, concepts and ideas that unite or divide us, that promote or obstruct collective action and Europeans’ common sense of belonging, and that impact on our perceived role within community at all levels (local, regional, European, global). Read More


The most important part of our endeavour due to its direct impact on and interaction of the participants (policy makers, scholars) and the wider public. Workshops, seminars and conferences will be our tools for promoting discussion and participation with the underlying goal of making Europe popular and likeable. Read More


Inter Alia aims at supporting and promoting views and activities of the numerous organizations that share our vision for an active and assertive European demos. We believe that collective action is an essential step for minimizing the distance between the European Union and the European constituencies and for effectively applying pressure towards more accountability and openness. Read More


Our platform is open for scholars, academics and policy analysts, but also students and journalists, who wish to contribute articles on their field of expertise related (but not limited) to contemporary cultural, political, educational, economic, commercial and social issues of Europe. Read More

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