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2nd Newsletter of the Child Protection and Development Project


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Child Poverty and Vulnerability


Training Course
Vijayawada, India
19-29 March 2017

By Nikos Papachristodoulou


I had the honor and the responsibility to represent Inter alia as a participant in the training course about child deprivation and human rights violation in Vijayawada, India organized by NewBeggining Charitable Trust NGO. The training subject concentrates on child rights violation problems and mainly on gender inequality issues, with special focus on girl children of India. Many NGOs in India are working on the field of female social empowerment, bridging the social gender gap. NewBigginings is a pioneer NGO in this topic, in Andhra Pradesh district.

Poverty is a huge problem in India and according to social surveys a vast percentage of population (around 35%) lives under the international poverty limits. Girl children rights are often being violated by a strong patriarchic attitude which considers female not equal to male. These two problems together cause vast problems like human trafficking, sexual abuse, early school leaving and family violence.

The training started with a long trip with few interesting intermediate stops: I had the chance for a short visit to India’s capital – New Delhi. I reached the city that was going to host the training. Vijayawada is placed in South East India next to Krishna River, 50 km from the Indian Ocean. During a welcoming and orientation session, I’ve met the fellow participants, a wonderful team constituted by 2 Italians, 1 Spanish, 1 Kenyan, 1 Greek and 4 Indians.

Having Indian participants helped us making the first contact with the Indian culture which overall differs well from the European and the African. Food culture includes a lot of spices and the use of hands for eating. Gestures and religious culture are different as well. We had the chance to understand social structure and social habits of this vast nation through training sessions as well as social problems and how NewBiggining Charitable Trust functions to fight them.  

On the training field we had the chance to visit Sociology and Social work department of Acharya Nagarjuna University in Guntur and interact with professors as well as with Indian and international university students. Additionally we had the chance to celebrate the World Social Work Day 2017, on a specially organized event. Finally on this day we’ve met young girls, victims of human trafficking which are hosted in NGOs houses taking care of them, making efforts to train them so they gain competences like beading, tailoring, garment making, and embroidery and fight with social marginalization.

We had also the chance to visit India rural area and witness countryside daily life, discuss everyday problems which local people are facing in educational and healthcare system. Additionally, very interesting open discussions happened with the mayor of the village and with local female associations that are formed in order to empower female participation in economic sector and in social life.

We also visited a special needs school run by an NGO called Spandana which hosts 15 students with special needs like hydrocephalus, hyperkinesia, autism and Down syndrome. These students are having educational sessions based on an experimental method which includes three months oral training, three months computer based training and three months job skills training on a well cared environment by special trained working stuff.
Overall this training was a unique experience and sensitized me on gender inequality problems and showed me the way to cope with them on social level and how to sensitize citizens not to tolerate human rights violations and harassments in everyday life.

To know more about the Project: Child protection and development: youth work experiences across the World” visit the project’s FB page https://www.facebook.com/Child-Protection-and-Development-1000991193348680/?ref=bookmarks or ask Boyka: boneva@interaliaproject.com

Child Rights Programming and Community Development





The Child Rights Programming and Community Development Training Course NEWSLETTER is now available HERE

Child Rights Programming and Community Development Training Course


Caltanissetta, 19-29 October 2016

Alexa Genni:
My name is Alexa and I am 26 years old  from Thessaloniki City in Greece. From 19th to 29th of October I decided to participate in a Training Course in Caltanissetta city of Sicily. The Training Course involved youth workers from Italy, Kenya, Greece, Peru, India, Senegal and Spain, and all of us were one big family.

The main objective of the Training Course was to give an overall explanation of Child Rights Programming and community development. More specifically, to learn through the Non Forma education basic tools on child rights situation analysis and design community based projects. The project tasks were led by experts from PRISM Organization, Fausto Amico and Alessandro Mellilo.

Facilitation was outstanding. Very much liked the approach. Also liked the fact that time management was excellent - sessions and days were not too long, as often happens in these high level Training Courses. Morever, the other participants were amazing & I learned a lot from their experience and insights.  There was a lot of content, so lots of food for thought!

On our free time we managed to do activities like visiting two other cities. The best experience was the one day trip in Palermo Capital City and a one day trip in Mazzarino city, where we had the opportunity to visited one of the most important Organisations for immigrant children.
When the programme came to an end I could not believe that a whole week had passed so quickly. I returned to Greece with a suitcase full of memories and  many new friends from all over the world!

Katerina Anastasopoulou:
During my participation in the training course “Child Rights Programming & Community Development that took place in Caltanissetta ,Sicily , I had the great chance to meet and cooperate in a multicultural group of 27 participants from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
The first sessions included information about the Human Rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as well as a presentation how to design community –based projects in the context of the Child Rights, following the Project Cycle Management (PCM) process.
The next days, we started to work on teams and to analyze, plan and design our project idea (PCM) focused on the Rights of the Child (health, education, physical protection, food etc). Although, sometimes the complexity of the process, we achieved step by step and utilizing non formal learning methods to finalize successfully our project ideas.

The workshops of the Image theatre and the Puppets helped us to deconstruct the problems to solutions for our ideas. Both of them, can be used as creative tools to recognize and discuss for social issues in various target groups.
During our visit to an accommodation center for minors refugees are coming to Italy from African countries  , we were informed  for the living conditions ,needs and difficulties that face  the children. From our discussions, we highlighted regarding the intense trespassing and violation of Childrens’ Rights as being refugees. From the first moment in the center , we felt the warm welcoming from the guys that they also prepared a delicious Senegalese meal to share all together.

Additionally, the 10 days in Sicily ,we had the opportunity to join in cultural and field trips surrounding and to learn for the history, culture, architecture, gastronomy and some how the daily life of the people.
Last but not least, thanks to  InterAlia, as well as the Italian coordinator PRISM, the rest of the partners and all the people were contributed and taken part in the training course and offered to  me one of the most fruitful and interesting experiences. Some words that come in my mind are …“We are all brothers and sisters in this world”

For more information on the project contact Boyka Boneva at: boneva@interaliaproject.com

Child Protection and Development: Youth Work Experiences across the World (BROCHURE AVAILABLE)



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Child Protection and Development: Youth Work Experiences across the World


Funding programme

Erasmus+ Key Action 2 – Capacity building in the field of the youth.


Project dates:  02/03/2016 -01/03/2018



According to the UNICEF report “Why addressing child poverty is a critical component of the Post-2015 Development Agenda” millions of children around the world miss out on their childhood as a result of poverty and conflicts. The project seeks to build on the opportunity to put in synergy different youth work experiences and community approaches related to child protection and development from different organizations across the World. The project proposes an international capacity building program that seeks to expose participants to various aspects of youth work related to child protection & development. By bringing together a consortium of complementary organizations, the project proposes a World-wide initiative to examine best practices in the ways the different organizations involved work to tackle child poverty & promote human development.


Countries involved

Italy, Greece, Spain, Senegal, Kenya, India, Peru.


General objective

-          To promote the role of young leaders as community ambassadors able to communicate with their peers and step up in leadership role in the sustainable development of their local and global communities.


Specific objectives

-          To engage youth workers to protect and support the well-being of children and young people, with a view to make sure that children's rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.


Excepted results

-          Launched, tested & developed a capacity building programme on child protection and development, targeting youth workers and young leaders from EU, African, Asian and South American countries.

-          Increased socio-professional development of youth workers and young leaders that are equipped with knowledge, key competences and employability tools related to child protection and development through different cultural perspectives, educational approaches and community experiences from different regions of the World.

-          Developed open educational resources on child protection and development.

-          Increased transnational cooperation, exchange of good practices and capacity building between youth workers, organizations and NGOs active in the child protection and development field from different World context.


Target groups

-          Youth workers who work with vulnerable young people and children in community activities;

-          A wider audience of youth workers and young people that will be reached through the open learning platform.


Child Rights Based Approach

The project proposes a child rights based approach to youth work related to child protection and development. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) contains all the civil, political, economic, social & cultural human rights of children. The UN CRC emphasises that children are holders of rights and their rights cover all aspects of their lives. It applies to all human beings under the age of 18. States that have ratified the UN CRC are legally bound by it. Child rights programming involves the practical application of the UN CRC to bring about real changes in the lives of all children.


The capacity building programme on youth work and child protection and development

-          N.4 Training courses in Italy, Senegal, Kenya and India.

-          N.7 Job shadowing in Italy, Greece, Spain, Senegal, Kenya, India, Peru.

-          An e-learning course including e-learning modules experimented and developed within the project.

-          N.1 Final seminar in Greece.


The partnership

-          Prism - Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo, Italy (Caltanissetta)

-          Resource Hub For Development - RHD, Kenya (Kisumu)

-          New Beginnings Charitable Trust, India (Vijayawada)

-          Inter Alia, Greece (Athens)

-          Federation Dimbaya Kagnalen, Senegal (Ziguinchor)

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