EU-NET: Enhancing a Universal Guide and NETwork for the Youth Workers of the Future




Erasmus+, KA2, Strategic Partnership

Phase: Comparative Research and Need Analysis

Under the EU-NET project, we are collecting information about youth work in our own local and national realities with the objective of highlighting the different skills, tools, good practices, national policies available with the scope to undertake a comparative research and needs analysis among the countries involved in the project.

You may find the online surveys regarding Greece following these links:

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdLeBrCDDZWXceYmbJaJD2S00Yz7AqXjxOIYnhsEZXa05XnTQ/viewform (survey in English)

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScxZGD5a8RWB79zOXY5X0naF7EfvHaSC1dayn_zubkT73JuKA/viewform (survey in Greek)

The results will be analyzed into a comparative perspective and needs analysis report produced and disseminated online and locally.


EU-NET: Enhancing a Universal Guide and NETwork for the Youth Workers of the Future 

Erasmus+, KA2, Strategic Partnership


GoEurope (Spain) – project coordinator, http://goeurope.es/

Inter Alia (Greece) - partner

IDEA – Local Development Agency of Alzira (Spain) – partnerhttps://idealmobility.wordpress.com/2014-2/our-volunteers/

FuturoDigitale (Italy) – partner, http://www.futurodigitale.org/it/

Jugend -&Kulturprojekte.V. (Germany) – partner, http://jkpev.de/


Project duration: 01 March 2017 31 July 2018 (17 months)


Promoting active citizenship among youngsters is already proven to be an effective method calling to action. Directly informing and educating the young about the opportunities of getting involved in social issues is among the strong motivations today. Therefore, the information that reaches them is highly important.

Identifying the need for setting quality standards in youth work, EU-NET aims to enforce, promote and standardise the quality and methods used by youth workers and EVS institutions in different realities in European Union. EU-NET supports the exchange of transversal skills and empowers present and future youth workers, by directly involving them in the development of useful e-tools, online forums and networking with the final scope of enhancing their professional skills and matching them with the needs of the labour market. In addition, the project improves the quality of youth work and recognizes the educational and professional framework of youth workers and youth leaders among Europe.

The project addresses youth workers and employees involved in NGOs, associations and other organizations that work within national and international mobility and training programs, with the final scope of creating a social impact through non-formal education.  Furthermore, the indirect beneficiaries of this project will be the participants of the future projects, as they will benefit of mobility activities that meet higher quality standards. Additional beneficiaries will be identified and reached by each partner at local, regional, national and European level.


  • To create an international network for promoting the excellence in youth work focused on sharing methods, tools and skills of the employees and youth workers in the sphere of Erasmus+ and beyond.
  • Better understanding and recognition of skills and qualifications about youth work in Europe
  • Clear understanding of youth work practices, starting from the local level, and then enlarging the focus internationally
  • Increased opportunities for the professional development of the youth workers
  • Increased synergies and links between different sectors of the educational system  
  • Standardizing youth work at international level, through sharing good practices
  • Spreading information about the Erasmus+ mobility & training opportunities
  • Creating an online platform with different e-tools for youth workers, which will also serve as a place where youth workers and other stakeholders can share their ideas/ problems/ thoughts - fostering a social dialogue and professional development
  • Publishing a Handbook, promotional videos and booklets for youth workers
  • Promoting activities of EU-NET in different social media outputs (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin)

 The EU-NET project will create an international network for promoting the excellence in youth work, focused on sharing methods, tools and skills of the employees and youth workers in the sphere of Erasmus+. It relies on a cross-sectorial and transnational cooperation between private and public bodies from Spain, Italy, Germany and Greece, involved in youth work, non-formal education and mobility activities, including the European Voluntary Service programme (EVS).

Main Target groups:

·       Youth workers/trainers and young leaders working in the youth field, organizing seminars, training courses, youth exchanges, workshops as well as managing the European Voluntary Service(EVS) and other volunteering programs.  

·       NGOs, Associations, Foundations, Informal Groups of Youth, Municipalities, Development agencies and Universities working in the aforementioned sectors.

·       Old and future EVS volunteers and “wannabe” youth workers among other interested parties;  

·       Policy Makers, Public & Private Stakeholders.  


Transnational Meetings:

Meeting 1 – 30-31 March 2017 - Valencia (Spain)

Meeting 2 – 25-26 October 2017 - Athens (Greece)

Meeting 3 – June 2018 – Dresden (Germany)

Meeting 4 & Final International Conference – February 2019 – Valencia (Spain)


Project reference: 2016-3-ES02-KA205-008769

Project website: http://eu-network.net/

Project coordinator at Inter Alia: Boyka, boneva@interaliaproject.com

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