21st Century Labour vs. Slavery Working Paper

Inter Alia member Boyka Boneva organized successfully in cooperation with the Institute of International Economic Relations in Athens a Round Table titled “21st Century Labour vs. Slavery”, where 15 interns from different organizations in Athens and other two Inter Alia founders Nikos Pasamitros and Nikos Papakostas, tried to find out the similarities and dissimilarities between the idea of slavery and the contemporary working conditions. The lively debate started with a short historic overview, given by Naya Koulocheri from the IIER and touched upon basic ideas from the establishment of the Labour Movement around the world, the changes that took place after the industrialization, through the rise of the tertiary sector and the beginning of the virtual era with the accompanying changes on the labour market. Due to the international character of the meeting, examples of Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria were given. After a short introduction of the Basic Income concept as a possible solution to the complicated labour situation in Europe and particularly in Greece, offered by Esra Ünal from IIER, a hot debate followed, where participants tried to understand their own place in the contemporary labour market, their responsibilities and most importantly their own power as part of an effort to sketch proposals and to make our own small steps towards a better working environment.

Read the working paper from the discussion HERE