Ambulanti and Mongol Rally 2014

Mongol Rally 2014: 13 000 km, 5 mountain ranges, 3 deserts and some of the most isolated terrains on the planet in a vehicle of your choice…

The idea: Mongol Rally is an adventure with a charitable aim. Teams from all over the world will start on 19 July and will try to reach Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia by the end of August in a vehicle of their choice, following the Silk Road and collecting medicines, clothes and funds on their road.

The Mongol Rally is a non-competitive race, organized by the League of Adventurists International Ltd, which each year aims to bring aid and funds to charity organizations like CoolEarthand ChristinaNobleChildren’sFoundation, active in Mongolia and the countries crossed.

More about Mongol Rally HERE

Our friends and partners from Italy have formed a team to live the adventure and participate in Mongol Rally 2014. The name of their team is Ambulanti, because of their vehicle for reaching the goal – an ambulance. Inter Alia supports Ambulanti team with a small donation and a one-day charity event which will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria (29 July) on their way to Ulan Bator, where they will cross the finish line to donate all the yield they managed to collect on their way.

Wanna help? You can also support their endeavor by

Ordering any other of the advertising materials they have prepared

Sending a small donation

Sending a bigger donation

Sending clothes and / or medicines to Ulan Bator through the Ambulanti team.

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