2nd European Academy on Youth Work

We were invited to present the Youth Pool at the 2nd European Academy on Youth Work!
The event took place from 31st May – 3rd June 2022 in Slovenia and offered a space for reflection, discussion and networking for around 150 stakeholders in European youth work about innovation in the field as a response to current needs and developments…

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Telling stories together for change | Future Narratives Training Course in Athens, 15-20 May 2022

In the second training course of the Future narratives, the aim was to empower young people through storytelling and future literacy on community level. Participants developed key competencies on how to better frame and share their personal story. They used their body, their voice and their heart. Participants were also asked to walk around the center of Athens. They…

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Building collective housing visions

By Amerissa Giannouli I enjoy discussing politics with other people, especially when they are coming from different backgrounds and bring different stories with them. I believe that everything around us is political and housing might be the very first visible element of our political, cultural and socio-economic expression. I chose to invite people to imagine together housing alternatives that…

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