Be Sporty Be Happy


Youth Exchange, Latvia, 22-30/10/2016

By Myrto Siapardani

25 youngsters from 4 different countries ( Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland) met at 22 of October in Latvia to participate in a really sporty project!Inter Alia was the Greek NGO which sent 6 young people, May, Konstantina, Iliana, Myrto, Fanis and Christina the opportunity to live this amazing experience.During the youth exchange we had the chance to experience 8 different sports (floorball, martial arts, beach volleyball, running, swimming, hiking, yoga, motocross). Some of these sports boost our team spirit, other made us come closer to nature and other just entertained us.Also, we had some team building activities for connecting us as a group and finally we end up calling our group as “family”.


Of course, we had our intercultural night where everyone enjoyed food, drinks and customs of each country. We tried new folk dances and we had a long discussion about the history of our country. The project, all in all, was really well organized with lot of activities both indoors and outdoors, the accommodation and the food was more than good and we all understand how difficult and in the same time challenging is to spend one week with 25 unknown people and make real friendships.At the end it was really difficult for us to get the way back, but we all promised to each other to meet again!It was an amazing experience and for sure I urge you to apply for an Erasmus+ project right now! Thanks Inter Alia.

Advanced Planning Visit, Latvia, 30/09- 3/10/2016

The project “Be sporty, Be happy” is a Youth Exchange about various sports and how youngsters could practice them in one week.At 30 of September was the Advanced Planning Visit (APV) where the leaders of all countries, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland met for organizing practical issues.In these 3 days full of meetings and discussions we tried to plan a really interesting project and after all I think we did it. Team work was obvious and also the chemistry between each of us as individuals made us anticipating for the YE.