Identity Issues and Europeanisation Process: Who “Tagged” the Balkans?

By Veroniki Krikoni, project manager at Inter Alia. self” and the “other” and consequently contrasting ideologies become significant markers in the discourse of “othering”. This “othering” discourse is built upon a particular narrative which is based on the European – Balkan dichotomy. Then, what are these grand narratives that have defined the Balkan identity construction process vis-à-vis the European…

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Degrowth: What Sorcery is this?


“Degrowth” is related to socio-ecological and economic transformation which is characterized by lower consumption and production – without implying the decrease of well-being. It is traced back to the anti-industrialism trends of the 19th century. It examines the environmental impact and its relations to the current economic system associated to economic growth, consumerism and materialism. Read More Degrowth:…

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The “Self – Determination Movement” of Kosovo

Tear gas and street action as way of reaction by Zociana Stambolliu Student of International and European Studies, University of Piraeus Vetevendosje, or Self-Determination Movement, emerged right after the secession of Kosovo from Serbia, in the early 2000s. Vetevendosje is certainly not another movement that turned into a party and made itself an official authority forgetting street action. Only…

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Medical literature: Time for Absolving the Burden of Fraud.

By Artemis Vekrakou Artemis Vekrakou is a trainee in Anaesthesiology in Aretaieion University Hospital and a Phd candidate in the University of Athens. Medical literature. A constantly growing field of discoveries. Hard to tell how much of it is true. There is an ongoing, international questioning of the quality and validity of current literature. It seems that research, under…

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International Youth Conference – EU Values for the future of South East Europe: A Critical Report

By Nikos Papakostas Nikos Papakostas is a founding member of INTER ALIA While including myself in the age of “youth” feels like a stretch of the term, I somehow managed to sneak into the 13th International Youth Conference organized by Youth Alliance in Krusevo, FYR Macedonia between September 11th and September 15th 2015. 60 youth leaders (sic.) from 16…

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Boulding’s Image Theory Meets Greek Drama

By Nikos Pasamitros Nikos Pasamitros is a founding member of INTER ALIA and a PhD candidate in the Panteion University of Athens One rainy afternoon of March 2007, in Boulevard de la Plaine, Ixelles, Brussels, in an almost full classroom, prominent International Relations’ Professor A. J. R. Groom was teaching International Conflict Management to his students. Talking about conflict,…

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Interview with Professor Pantelis Lekkas

Director of Studies at the MA in Southeast European Studies – Faculty of Political Science & Public Administration, University of Athens Interview conducted by Nikos Papakostas 1.    15 years of the MA in Southeast European studies. Why do you think the region is an important issue of study for students from Europe and the world in 2015? The region’s…

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