YES! How to become Young Entrepreneurs for Social innovation

Youth Exchange, 1 – 9 September 2015, Rocafort (Valencia), Spain Early autumn 2015. Valencia, Spain. The Greek participants finally met each other on 1st of September. The team was composed of 5 people (Alexia, Emmanouela, Marina, Paraskevi and Sandy). Our sending organization? Who else if not INTER ALIA? And the hosting organization? GOEUROPE! The youth exchange was about to…

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Youth Exchange organized by the DOJO at Hertfordshire, the UK, 24-31 August, 2015 Greek participants of the 2-Gether-As-1 share their experience Maira: Participating in the 2-gether-as-1 project in Hemel Hempstead in England was a lifetime experience and a dream come true. Not only was I able to perform one of my favorite martial arts, kick boxing but I also…

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C.O.H.E.SION – Cultural Bridges for Youth Employability and Inclusion

8 days, 17 countries, 34 youth workers, 3 trainers, 2 support staff and 1 coordinator. 3 creative workshops, 1 campaign and 1 topic – the promotion of tolerance through the increase of employability skills of youth workers working with migrants. These are few indicative numbers behind the wonderful learning experience participants had during the Training “C.O.H.E.SION – Cultural Bridges…

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Creativity and Reuse for Empowerment – CARE

By Vassilis Demos and Annita Katopodi WOW!!!!!! No other words can better describe this experience! TC CARE, Palermo, Convento di Baida, 3 R’s and pizza are some words that will never be erased from my memory!8 days that I would love to live again! 28 participants, 6 trainers, 2 volunteers, each one contributed to this experience. Everyone full of…

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The Young Side of the Moon Job Shadowing: Community Development

20 – 28 April 2015, Zigiunchor, Senegal, hosted by Federation Dimbaya Kagnalen Youth workers and project managers from the Italian PRISM – Promozione Internazionale Sicilia-Mondo and our Inter Alia, were hosted for a job shadowing by Federation Dimbaya Kagnalen – a local NGO, in the framework of the project “The Young side of the Moon”, co-funded by the EU…

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Shaping Europe – Civic Education in Action

Inter Alia-report on the scholarship programme of BpB and Robert Bosch Foundation at Haus am Maiberg in Heppenheim (October 2014 –May 2015) by Dr. Giorgos Monogioudis At times when confidence in a common European vision is running low, international programmes that bring people closer are a great opportunity to remind us not only the similarities that we share irrespective…

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3 Greeks in Fasano

Compass Human Rights Education and Youth Ritsa, Fanis and Antonis started their journey, on the February 18, from Athens, Greece to Fasano, a small city of approximately 38000 inhabitants, in the region of Puglia in Southern Italy. The topic of the course was ‘Compass Human Rights Education for Youth’. The expectations were high, the feeling was a mix of…

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The Young Side of the Moon Training Course: Project Cycle Management

Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good PracticesCapacity Building for Youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia Training Course: Project Cycle Management20 – 28 February 2015, Caltanissetta, Italy Debbie:PCM training course in Caltanissetta was an awesome experience.First of all, the course was based on a brilliant idea, taking Pink Floyd’s tracks from the album “Dark Side Of…

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German-Greek Youth Forum – Bad Honnef

Inter Alia Report on the four day German-Greek Youth Forum in Bad Honnef (03-06 November 2014) By Giorgos Monogioudis A well-known consequence of the recent Eurozone crisis has been the rapid deterioration of German-Greek relations. The reciprocal aggression of populist tabloids in both countries in correlation with slowly reactive and rather reluctant political elites at national and European levels…

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