Community, Architecture, Mobility, Participation | Training and Exhibition, 10-17 April, Athens

Inter Alia, in partnership with Sirius Training, organised a professional development course led by Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources (ARCSR). ARCSR is a studio based, teaching and research area within the practice and academic discipline of architecture. Staff and researchers from disciplines across the School of Art, Architecture and Design along with Inter Alia staff, collaborators and volunteers participated in a week-long professional development residency.

Led by Dr Bo Tang, Shamoon Patwari and Robert Barnes from the school’s Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resources (ARCSR) research group, participants engaged in activities exploring topics including place-based architecture, migration, community and participation in the neighbourhood of Exarcheia in central Athens.

Working closely with local Greek and refugee participants, the programme brought together professionals from a broad and diverse range of disciplines, interests and experience, immersed themselves in the local culture. It offered a forum for exchange, sharing, learning and experimentation, with activities involving field research, talks from guest speakers, visits to local grassroots initiatives, and hands-on workshops.

This culminated in a public event called A Loose-Fit Collage of Fragments, where expressions and ideas were presented back to residents in the local neighbourhood as an exhibition of produced artefacts including drawings, models and film. Collected and assembled by the interdisciplinary team of participants from both London and Athens, the event was a celebration of local identity, migration, expression and architecture through encounters and exchanges with the host community.