Conference minutes : Potentials & Limitations of Subnational Responses To The Migrant Question In Europe

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The still ongoing public-health crisis attests some cold facts; first, that contemporary threats, such as major diseases or natural disasters, cannot be stopped at borders. Second, that nationally planned, centrally imposed responses to challenges that are transnational in nature and local in effect are bound to be fruitless, disproportional and divisive. Third, that lack of access to basic services, rights and decent living conditions due to “unforeseen circumstances” is both possible and terrible.

The international conference “Potentials and Limitations of Subnational Responses to the Migrant Question in Europe” that took place on March 4th & 5th, 2021 has brought together local leaders representatives a, EU policy makers, civil society and scholars to discuss EU migration policy and policies outside the framework of nation-states, including local governance institutions and civil society.

You can download the minutes and conclusions of the conference below:

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