Creativity and Reuse for Empowerment – CARE

By Vassilis Demos and Annita Katopodi

WOW!!!!!! No other words can better describe this experience! TC CARE, Palermo, Convento di Baida, 3 R’s and pizza are some words that will never be erased from my memory!8 days that I would love to live again! 28 participants, 6 trainers, 2 volunteers, each one contributed to this experience. Everyone full of energy, full of joy, fun and happiness made these 8 days extraordinary!

The Training Course was titled CARE (Creativity And Reuse for Empowerment). Sustainability, creativity and inclusion were seen as the cornerstones to promote empowerment process. The Training Course aimed at promoting creativity as a problems solving approach and creative reuse and recycling as an artistic educational activity.

3 R’s was the motto for REDUSE REUSE RECYCLE and a new meaning was given to these words through fun and creative activities.

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In these 8 days we visited Palermo twice, where we were informed about other NGO’s and their tasks. We visited Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” organization’s offices, where they presented us their work and of course later we ate pizza at a local taverna. The rest of the days, the training course held place in the beautiful monastery that was remanufactured in a hotel, named Convento di Baida. All activities involved informal learning through artistic and creative activities.

Intercultural nights were also held, where we presented our country and were introduced to other countries’ culture and tasted some delicacies.

This unique experience cannot be described with words and it was definitely an invaluable life experience!!!