Discovering Gender Studies: A visit of “Mothers in Action” volunteers to academics of the field

Are you aware how gender can function as an analytical category in our sociotechnical and political analysis?

Our Wednesday was really interesting, as we got to learn and discuss such matters with academics of the field.

Reffering to their visit to Panteion, Silvia highlighted their discussion on a project addressing campus safety and gender violence.

“…She (c.e.: Voula Touri) spoke to us about the project ‘Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence’, tackling Sexual harassment on campus. The university partners are from Spain, Italy, Greece and UK.”

She carried on sharing the specific objectives of the initiative.

The meeting concluded with providing material on gender issues within displaced populations and talking about organisations supporting refugee women.

Commenting on the second meeting of the day, Anna gave her point of view on the importance of the new insights from the field of gender studies and sociotechnicalapproaches.