On 20 June 2019, Inter Alia presented selected artworks created during the ECHO art residencies in Bitola and Novi Sad at TWIXTLab, Athens. This was the last activity of the project that explored the Dark Heritage of Balkan communities.


The activity underlines the effectiveness of ECHO as the Athens event was not foreseen in the original activity plan but was rather the result of the need to expand and ensure the sustainability of the project.

TWIXT3During the ECHO project Depy Antoniou (performance), Bojan Josic (Installation), Martina Lapica, Ivanka Stavreva, Kiril Konstantin, Snezana Petkovic and Ljubica Solak (painting and drawing), Aristaios Tsousis (sculprure), and Stratis Vogiatzis and Giorgos Samantas (creative documentary).


TWIXTLab hosted and presented the works of Depy Antoniou, Martina Lapica, Ivanka Stavreva, Snezana Petkovic and Ljubica Solak, and Stratis Vogiatzis and Giorgos Samantas. The artists shared with the local audience their experience, motivation and feelings.