EIRENE, European IntercultuRal Education towards a New Era of Understanding

Training Course for Youth Workers under the Erasmus+ Programme of the EU Palermo, 5-13 December 2015

Pavlos Marinos I passed eight days with 44 complete strangers from different cultural and national backgrounds. At the beginning I was afraid but at the same time curious of what was waiting for me.

Do you know that three days have passed since I returned back and I can certainly say that it was a life change experience? I didn’t only meet new people but also friends. Through this program you realize that equality, friendship, communication and dialogue are greater values than war, differences, conflicts and wealth.Through this program we succeeded to surpass all those meaningless things that separate us. We broke the walls between us, created bridges and finally became one team that can accomplish everything. Only 8 days with a lot of laughter, fun and work were enough to make all this happen but at the same time not enough at all. I wish the whole world was like we were in this program.

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