A group of young women in search of skills in a male dominated profession – InterArts Video-Making Workshop

InterArts Video Making stills
Αυτή η σελίδα δεν είναι μεταφρασμένη προς το παρόν.

On a sunny Friday afternoon (10 July 2020), Inter Alia’s team held a Video-making workshop, right in the heart of Exarcheia, an area with a long history of radical political and intellectual activism. The workshop was based on a methodology designed in the framework of the InterArts project (www.interarts.eu) with the objective of engaging young people in artistic activities aiming at their personal empowerment and social development.

The trainer Angeli Andrikopoulou opted focusing on documentary production sharing her passion for character driven documentaries as a way of expressing an opinion, as a way of sharing ourselves and our time.

Interestingly the group of participants were only girls that was already interpreted a sign of an ongoing change regarding the underlying interests and the respective moves.

In the first part of the workshop, after breaking the ice in a sharing circle, participants were called to think of a joke or a pleasant experience from the past week and shoot it in couples.

While all together the group was gradually reaching to the conclusion that nobody is insignificant carrying their story to tell, the exercise unblocked completely the energies within the group and suddenly all were there with the same goal: to learn more about how to express themselves and to promote their cause through a motion picture.

InterArts Video Making stills

The topics that popped up were very diverse: from the reasons behind the act of burying a pet under a Christian cross to the impact of a plastic bottle on the life on Earth in 50 years, from the bunkers left over in the Attika region to the difficulties a new mom would face on the pedestrians of Athens neighbourhoods.

Angeli provided feedback in depth while giving plenty of space to questions and further elaboration. Naturally the discussion took the direction of funding options and crowdfunding grabbed the attention of most.  

Time was devoted to the accessibility of each subject in question, while the workshop concluded with details on legal aspects such as the authorization and consent to shooting and screening.

More info:

  • The “InterArts – Youth Communities for Social Inclusion” is a project aiming at empowering young people to fight against discrimination and social exclusion through the use of artistic activities, by deploying an innovative non-formal methodology targeted to young people living in marginalised conditions.  Project ID: 2018-2-IT03-KA205-014105, Strategic Partnership in the field of Youth, KA2, Erasmus+. Find detailed information about the project at www.interarts.eu