An Agenda for the Western Balkans

Αυτή η σελίδα δεν είναι μεταφρασμένη προς το παρόν.

Closed Book Presentation at the University of Athens

Nikos Papakostas and Nikos Pasamitros, presented the recently published volume of Inter Alia “An Agenda for the Western Balkans. From Elite Politics to Social Sustainability” at the Master’s course in Southeast European Studies of the University of Athens. The collective venture that was published by Ibidem Verlag and is circulated by Columbia University Press, was presented in a mixed audience of MA students, visitors and University of Athens faculty members who gave their input and opinions on the region’s present and future. For Inter Alia, there was hardly any better place to start its effort for promoting the volume as the MA in Southeast European studies was in a way, what started it all; not only for the book but for Inter Alia as a whole – as two of our founding members met there in 2007.

The editors, after introducing the main underlying notions of the volume – images, actorness/agency, sustainability – did not emphasize too much on the content of separate articles which are going to be presented in the following months. Rather, they tried to highlight what this volume as a whole and the process of its production indicates about the region of Southeast Europe, and that is beyond doubt that, the region thrives with resources, energy and willingness to offer. The editors narrated the process of publication and the attendants (students and professors) alike gave their input on the needs and prospects of the region in search for sustainability.

Dr Konstantinos Kalatzis’ Presentation

The book presentation came after the intriguing insights put forward by Dr Konstantinos Kalatzis regarding the psychological and sexual aspects of Greco-German images deriving from the Eurozone crisis.

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