During the annual State of the European Union speech in September 2022, the President of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen announced the Commission’s proposal to make 2023 the European Year of Skills. As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Russia’s aggression against Ukraine accentuated labour mismatches and high unemployment rates inside the Union, this particular thematic year has…

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Building collective housing visions

By Amerissa Giannouli I enjoy discussing politics with other people, especially when they are coming from different backgrounds and bring different stories with them. I believe that everything around us is political and housing might be the very first visible element of our political, cultural and socio-economic expression. I chose to invite people to imagine together housing alternatives that…

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Sailing through Cultural Integration and Culture Shock

Culture Shock Simos Villerme-Lightfoot

Culture Shock is a single, static dimension of the multilayered social and psychological processes the human mind goes through when faced with an entirely new experience, culture or environment. These processes of cultural integration are complex and culture shock forms one of the possible stages. This makes it imperative that we discuss CS, we consider it within the context…

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European Green Deal and Energy – Challenges and proposals for a really just transition

Τhe European Green Deal is an ambitious plan by the European Commission. Despite the positive connotations of its “green” element, it has raised concerns. Various affected parties are uneasy about the fair and practical implementation of this strategy and the eventual achievement of its envisioned objectives. Read More European Green Deal and Energy – Challenges and proposals…

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Changing narratives – From innovation and sustainability to autonomy and resilience

Changing narratives needs cooperation, ecological sensitivity, resilience and collective practices. Economic degrowth

A few thoughts about the mainstream policies proposed to address the climate crisis are unfolded. These thoughts are followed by experiences from Greek initiatives that are based on more symbiotic and collaborative principles. Such Greek practices could be further explored, analysed and integrated in policies dealing with the socio-ecological and economic challenges of our times. Read…

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