How degrowth shapes the way I think about economic activities: The case of sustainable clothing – Op-Ed*

By Amerissa Giannouli** Since I became familiar with degrowth I have been looking at things more critically. Especially after joining the online master on Degrowth: Ecology, Economics and Policy, I find myself defending the need for transforming a green growth obsessed economy into a degrowth one.  Recently, I started working on a project about sustainable fashion focusing on clothing,…

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Through the Lens of the Other – TLO

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Call for Applications – First Youth Exchange on Intersectionality, Malta, 9 to 18 of September 2019 Intersectionality as a Method / Η Διαθεματικότητα ως Μέθοδος Research The research period is concluded People may face disadvantage, discrimination and oppression due to their gender, sexual orientation, race, physical ability, ethnicity and other identity markers. Racial minorities, people with disabilities and individuals…

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Mission Responsible: Academic Publication of the Conference Papers

mission responsible

Inter Alia proudly presents the publications from the 2017 Conference “Mission Responsible: The Future of Education and Youth Work”. Selected papers were published by Open Access academic journals. You can read the academic articles by following the links below: Demet Lüküslü and Berrin Osmanoğlu (Social Sciences Journal) HERE Nicholas Rossis (Athens Journal of Mediterranean Studies) HERE Federico Pozzoni (Social…

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