ECHO II exhibition in Spetses island

Αυτή η σελίδα δεν είναι μεταφρασμένη προς το παρόν.

After a lot of hard work, many hours over colours, materials and in front of screens, on July 22nd, at 19.00 we inaugurated the art exhibition of ECHO II in Spetses.

At the exhibition, the works exhibited were created by the artists Katerina Karatzaferis (Greece), Deyana Stareva (Bulgaria), Martina Spasovska (Northern Macedonia) and Balázs Kontur (Hungary), while the exhibition was curated by the visual artist and curator Alkyoni Divari. Nikos Pasamitros took over the management and communication of the action.

The creative process was driven by the approach of the project behind the exhibition. In this context, we perceived local traditions as dynamic and evolving processes that shape and are shaped by the life of local communities. This means that we recognize traditions as components of cultural identities, but we do not see them as “objects” that must remain unchanged and be protected through museualization.

In this light, we took a critical stance towards established but fruitless perspectives that limit innovation and creativity, and we hope that in the context of ECHO II, the opportunity will be given:
-to artists to highlight and renew local traditions through contemporary artistic creation, and
-to local communities to reflect and, therefore, to revise and revitalize their own traditions in the context of European cultural heritage.

More information about the ECHO II action and its main activities can be found at the following links.…/echo-ii-traditions-in…/
The exhibition was open until July 22nd, at the Ecclesiastical Museum of Spetses.