Media Literacy Saturdays

Get it right Media Literacy Saturdays
Αυτή η σελίδα δεν είναι μεταφρασμένη προς το παρόν.

October 2019, Athens

“Media Literacy Saturdays” is a series of 5 non-formal learning sessions that will help participants better understand the ways mass communication works, the risks and opportunities involved each time we open a newspaper, our TV, an application on our phone or computer.

Through games, discussions, simulations and (a little) teaching, prepared and coordinated by a team of young Inter Alia volunteers, participants will engage with various aspects of media education, such as the subject of fake news, access to information, trend-setting, citizenship and democracy.

Media Literacy Saturdays aims to build participants’ ability to protect themselves from false information, promote solutions and practices against the spread of fake news, to report and react against misinformation, to identify the social impact of misinformation and media illiteracy and the links between media awareness, citizenship and democracy.

The meetings are part of an international initiative called “Get it right” which aims to contribute to a better understanding of how young Europeans view the media, to raise awareness of fake news and how it affects us, and in developing detection and interaction skills with fake news and their sources.

**Activity Programme**

Session 1: October 19 – “The lost info.” Break the ice, play the game and build the team on the first day!

Session 2: October 26 – “Global affairs in our time: Inequality and representation in media.” Let’s have a game and then some study before we start to rock our bodies.

Session 3: November 2 – “How the news affect you.” Share your thoughts through the interview & debate till the end.

Session 4: November 8 – “Fake News Shield.” Play through learning till you and your team know how create and to protect.

Session 5: November 9 & 10 – “Fake News, Citizenship and Democracy.” Let the guests do their best before the world café is served. Check out the reports, photos, videos and other materials from MLS.

To know more about “Get it Right”, contact Nikos Papakostas (