Mission Responsible – Study Visit Reports from Senegal, Togo, Greece, India, Italy & Vietnam

Αυτή η σελίδα δεν είναι μεταφρασμένη προς το παρόν.

Study Visit in Dakar & Ziguinchor, Senegal May 8 -28, 2017

The third study visit of the “Mission Responsible” project took place from May 8 to May 28 in Dakar and Zhiguinchor, Senegal. The group consisted of 7 people: Nikos Papakostas from Inter Alia (Greece), Gabriele Profeta and Gandolfo Sausa from PRISM (Italy), Anh Doan Phuongfrom SJ Vietnam and 3 local participants from Federation Dimbaya Kagnalen (FDK) –Haby Diallo, Abdoulaye Diouf and Saloum Bodian. Participants spent the first five days orienting, observing and doing field research in the Senegalese capital and another two weeks in Zhiguinchor, a region in the South of the country near the border with Gambia, where the hosting organization operates

Read the full report here

See the presentation of the study visit and its results here

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Study Visit Vietnam, 22 March 2017 -12 April, 2017

Participants: Veroniki Krikoni-Inter AliaSaloum Bodian-Federation Dimbaya KangalenMinh Duc Do -SJ VietnamMong Linh An -SJ Vietnam

Venues: Hanoi, with short visits (day trips) to other provinces as Hai Duong, Nam Dinh and Ha Nam.

Read the study visit report here

Check the public presentation of the study visit

Study Visit India, 14 August –4 September 2017

Participants: Sofia Tserea –Inter AliaAgbeko Kossi Kuwoye –ACET-Togo Pradeep Kumar Digal –Jivan Vikas

The study visit in Indiatook place in Bhubaneswar the city and Bonaiin the area of Sundergarh.

Check out the study visit report here

Study Visit Togo, November 2017

The fifth Study Visit within the “Mission Responsible” project took place in November 2017 in Togo. The three participants were: Bhajamana Mahanta (Jivas Vikas, India), Chiara Boni (Inter Alia,Greece), Sergio Germanà (PRISM, Italy), chaperoned by members of the Togolese partner organisation ACET Togo.The study visit was structured to comprise: a) an extended field research, conducted through interviews (on a standardized semi-structured questionnaire, utilised in all the previous study visits); b) a job shadowing part; and c) the organisation of a local event to inform about the overall aim and objectives of the Mission Responsible project thus promoting the whole idea of youth work towards the adoption of common standards. Most of the activities took place in Lomè, the capital of the country,while several day trips were made to nearby villages (Mékoviadé, Attinoufoe, Atti touwui, Badja), where some of ACET Togo’s projects are based and where participants had the chance to meet and interview local youth workers and policy makers.

Check out the study visit report by Chiara Boni here

A Perspective from Sicily, Study visit in Sicily, Italy | 9 –30 October,2017

The importance of this region in terms of youth work can be highlighted by the fact that almost 30% of all proposals towards the Italian National Agency stem from Sicily.Additionally the significance of Sicily regarding the scopes of the project in comparison to other regions of Italy can also be pinned down to the fact that it has a comparatively higher percentage of active associations.

Check out the study visit report by Dr. Nicholas Rossis here

Study Visit Report Athens, 27 November -17 December 2017

Study Visit Participants: Lucia Ridruejo Arias, Pradeep Kumar Digal, Hilary EmefieleErhabor, Elli Georgiadi, Amerissa Giannouli, Agbeko Kossi Kowoye, Thanh Duong Phung

Check out the study visit report by Amerissa Giannouli here