Open Educational Resources on Child Protection and Development!

Αυτή η σελίδα δεν είναι μεταφρασμένη προς το παρόν.


The e-learning platform aims to support the professional development of youth workers in the field of child protection and development through non-formal education and a child rights-based approach. It is intended as an open learning resource for community leaders, educators, trainers, facilitators, young leaders, social workers, intercultural mediators to be put into practice in their daily work with and for children. The platform could also be used in formal settings such as schools, colleges and universities addressing development challenges as well as for project managers and professionals engaged in the design and implementation of community projects and initiatives addressing children rights.

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The platform is complemented by an e-learning course that covers a range of non-formal learning modules related to child protection and development. In concrete, the e-learning course is composed of six thematic and self-paced learning modules consisting of a series of samples of non-formal learning activities, educational tools, background texts, references and direct web-based links to useful sources of information, analysis of case studies on child protection and development that incorporate community practices and approaches from youth leaders and organizations involved. The learning modules derive from the concrete implementation of the non-formal capacity building programe (learning experiences implemented in Italy, Senegal, Kenya and India – involving youth workers and young leaders from alla the participating countries). The main aim of the e-learning course is to replicate the learning experiences developed and tested within project activity, and thus spread the knowledge produced and aquired on child protection and development throught the capacity building programme.

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