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Inter Alia’s Youth Network 2018-2020

Inter Alia is Latin for “among others”. Since its establishment we aim to stand among other social actors and pursue our vision for a political Εurope through cooperation and dialogue based on clearly expressed positions. We consider youth a crucial party in delimiting and giving content to  these positions through reflecting on and expressing their needs and aspirations. To this end, Inter Alia established a pan-European network of youth organisations that will collaborate through the development of new initiatives, the exchange of practices and expertise and the promotion of common activities until 2020. The network emphasises the need of increasing the agency of youth, reducing the distance between youngsters and the decision makers and recognising of youth workers’ role and the institutionalization of their profession.

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Work Plan 2018 – Specific Objectives

a. Enhance youth engagement and empowerment through civic participation and sense of initiative;
b. Promote non-formal learning  as an essential supplement to formal education and evoke alternative learning contexts;
c. Establish quality standards for youth work and advocate for its official recognition across the EU;
d. Enable intercultural exchange;
e. Foster mobility and volunteerism.

Work Plan 2019 – Specific Objectives

a. Engage youth in social and political dialogue and to enable their input in the EU processes through fostering a debate among youth and with stakeholders on challenges of democracy in Europe especially in view of the EP elections 2019;
b. Empower marginalized youth through activities that will enable contact between the “majorities” and “minorities” on an equal basis;
c. Cultivate empathy and intercultural exchange by local actions aiming at integration and by enabling volunteerism and mobility both in the EU and beyond;
d. Upgrade the role of youth work by establishing quality standards, developing new working methods, advocating for further recognition of non-formal education by national and EU authorities and making recommendations to competent authorities.

Work Plan 2020 – Specific Objectives

The role and impact of civil society, particularly in the youth field has significantly increased after the eruption of multiple European crises and their economic, social and political effects on youth (unemployment, marginalisation, radicalisation). In this framework, the work plan 2020 aims to:
a. Enhance youth engagement and empowerment through democratic education, advocacy and civic participation;
b. Enable inter-cultural exchange;
c. Foster mobility and volunteerism;
d. Promote the work of youth organisations and the co-existence of formal and non-formal education.

political engagement
Political Engagement
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Cultural Awareness

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