Using Theatre to Make Politics

Using Theatre to Make Politics

This project is an answer to the high levels of civic and political apathy amongst young people and envisions an innovative way of bringing young people and authorities together. Partners involved in the project are coming from Greece, Hungary, Poland, Norway, Portugal and Romania. The main goal of the project is to increase the level of civic participation and…

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Through the Lens of the Other

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“Through the Lens of the Other” aims to introduce and explore new ways of understanding and addressing discrimination in Europe. Critical theories in social sciences explain, through the concept of intersectionality, how oppressive social beliefs and structures (xenophobia, sexism, homophobia, ableism etc.) are interconnected; systematic oppression cannot be understood or addressed with single-issue approaches as they tend to accentuate…

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Building Intercultural Competences

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“Building Intercultural Competences: Sharing Good Practices” (BIC) is an ERASMUS+ project (KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices; KA205 – Strategic Partnerships for Youth Programme) and its duration is 24 months. The general objective of the project is to help young people understand the importance of social inclusion and cultural diversity and build intercultural competences….

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Sport for Social Action

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Erasmus+ Sport, Small Collaborative PartnershipsDuration: 1 January 2018 – 31 December 2018 Project Coordinator: Youth Alliance Krusevo, FYR Macedonia Project Partners:Inter Alia, GreeceSpecial Olympics, FYR MacedoniaSpecial Olympics, SloveniaEuroDEMOS, Romania The main goal of the project is to develop the capacities of involved organizations to promote social inclusion and volunteerism, by implementing sport activities and services including young people, aged…

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Inter Arts – Youth Empowerment through Arts


By deploying an innovative non-formal methodology based on a set of art-related disciplines (dance, theatre, music, street-art, photography, literature, cinema, painting & sculpture), InterArts produces practical knowledge to reduce social exclusion and improve the level of key competences and skills of young people living in marginalised conditions. Read More Inter Arts – Youth Empowerment through Arts

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#GetUpStandup – Remembrance of Civic Movements’ Struggles for Human Rights


Through commemorating the occasions of the German student movement, Prague spring, French May 1968, the Italian Movement of 1968 and the anti-dictatorship movements in Spain and Greece, we will examine the differences between the civil movements and political rights from 1968 until today. Read More #GetUpStandup – Remembrance of Civic Movements’ Struggles for Human Rights

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A New Narrative for EU Elections and Beyond: how to Engage Youth


The gap between the democratic institutions in Europe, their representatives and Europe’s young generation is growing. Although young people are more likely to be present in other forms of political participation (protests, strikes, joining pressure groups, etc), their overall election turnout is dramatically falling. Read More A New Narrative for EU Elections and Beyond: how to Engage…

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European Cultural Heritage Onstage – ECHO

echo poster

ECHO: European Cultural Heritage Onstage was a European creative project, implemented in the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018. It invited artists from the fields of painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, videography and photography to create original artworks, after exploring the Dark Cultural Heritage of the Balkans. Read More European Cultural Heritage Onstage…

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