During November, Outcast Europe expanded its network to schools in the greater area of Athens, in order to bring the topics of movement and displacement in the classroom, via a non-formal learning activity titled”Objects narrating the stories of ‘others’”. The first visit took place on November 25 at Mesopotamia Solidarity School in Moschato. Mesopotamia is part…

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International Conference: The Policies of (Un)welcome, June 15-16, Vilnius


Three key events – the 2015-16 ‘Mediterranean crisis’, the wave of undocumented migrants from Belarus and the reception of people fleeing Ukraine after the invasion of Russian troops – are valuable in understanding and interpreting EU migration policy and its evolution. Read More International Conference: The Policies of (Un)welcome, June 15-16, Vilnius

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Challenging the Ethnocentric Educational Model: Workshop materials and report (TCAU)


Building on the knowledge offered by both theoretical considerations and good practices for promoting mutual progress of newcomers and the local communities, the workshop aims to bring forward ideas and policy recommendations related to the locals’ intercultural education, as well as the possible ways with which the local authorities and communities can face these challenges.

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