“Day 3 of Antygone Today was very artistic: We started with some breathing and movement exercises. Then, all together, we had to create a story using our bodies, improvising and expressing it slowly. It was really fun. Later, in smaller groups, we interpreted a scene from the play ‘Antigone’ in our native language and in our own way. It…

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FOODPRINT Youth Exchange

Elissavet’s testimonial, participant of the youth exchange with Inter Alia Αround 40 young people from Greece, Latvia, Romania, Spain and Italy were welcomed in the small town of Fuscaldo to join this activity to confront issues related to sustainable agriculture, food production and consumption, traditions and culinary recipes. Each group shared experiences, cultures, politics and customs related to these…

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AENEAS – Against Exclusion NEw trAining Skill – Training Course in Palermo, Italy

Reflections by Ilektra Nikaki, Ilaeira Korda, Antonis Bekiaris and Evangelos Athanasiadis Flight delays and overall obstacles encountered on the journey did not stop us from succeeding and reaching Palermo. Despite the heat and humidity during this summer season, the city was beautiful, full of life and surprises at every corner. What stood out to us is the architecture and…

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Youth workers using theatre against radicalisation – Training Course in Palermo, Italy

Reflections by Alexandra Drakoulaki, Sophia Rossiou  and Efremia – Georgia Konstantinou “The most impressive thing of all was that, within only 5 days, 30 persons from different European countries managed to communicate, cooperate, and create a dance-theatrical performance which was also performed in front of the locals of Palermo. This is a unique feature of Erasmus+ programs: that people…

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