We need the power to create change! – or what happened in Fridays for Advocacy #3

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Power properly understood is nothing but the ability to achieve purpose. It is the strength required to bring about social, political, and economic change.

Martin Luther King

The world, as it is and how it works, rarely reflects our values. Thus, power, understood as the ability to make our values realized in the world, is something we should all want, and should start building today. Yet, our fears, alienation from ourselves and from others hold us back from becoming truly powerful both as individuals and communities.

The cost of powerlessness, or inability to create real change in a world hit by climate emergency, never ending pandemic, perpetual economic crisis and systemic oppression, however, is sky-high.

The third session of the “Fridays for Advocacy” series explored why building power is essential for creating long-lasting systemic change, the fears most of us face concerning power, how to act powerfully and create transformative public relations when organising for change in our communities. If you want to learn more about the relational community organising framework and the central topics of the session read the presentation or watch the recording.

Watch the meeting:

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To learn more about Fridays for Advocacy, you can contact Nikos Papakostas and Boroka Balint.