ERASMO+ Empower Rural Areas: Seed More Opportunities

11 – 18 January 2016, Ciampino, Italy Training Course

Maria SotiropoulouIt was a great experience for me, participating in this interesting training course. I have joined youth exchanges but it was my first time in a training course. The training course was very well organized and very interesting. The organizers followed the agenda and they were present during the course. The trainer Davide Bogliolo was excellent. He was well informed about the theme of the training course, he had a lot of humor.I had got a lot of skills during the training course: I had got knowledge about how to find new opportunities for the young people in rural areas, how our country will be after 50 years and the chances that the youngsters will have.I met new young people, especially the participants from Portugal, Romania and Italy.I got also intercultural skills. I also got personal and communicative skills in foreign language. The participants through research, discussions, teamwork and interactive games exchanged information, knowledge, experiences, ideas and views about the theme of the project in order to compose and present their own ideas about how to find and seed new opportunities for the youth in rural areas.

Maria Rapti

•We had the chance to cooperate with other participants from other European countries with common problems especially for the young people who face difficulties and problems in rural areas.•We also got intercultural skills and a new different Italian culture.•We had the chance to experience cooperation with other youth workers and plan future projects. •We increased our communicational skills in English language.•We had the chance to meet and know other young people from different cultures. •Our trainer Mr Davide Bogliolo was well-organized and well-informed. •There was a fruitful discussion and exchange of ideas about the problems which young people face in rural areas and especially how life in rural areas for young people is organized. There was also a discussion about the opportunities that are given to young people who remain in rural areas and how we can help them obtain skills.

Giorgos Patsiadis Another great experience is over. It was really fantastic!!! We were 8 days in Ciampino – Rome with amazing people from different countries (Italy, Greece, Portugal, Lithuania, Romania). The best thing for me was the opportunity that I had to learn a lot of things about their cultures and make some new friends. We also had the opportunity to visit Rome. It was 10 minutes far by train. Rome is a wonderful city with lots of monuments. Everyone should visit Rome just once in their lifetime. After the project I feel myself more open-minded. You get taught many interest thing that help you change your point of view about lots of things.. It makes you wiser.