European Youth Weeks 2016

European Youth Weeks 2016

For a second consecutive year Inter Alia supports and participates in the “European Youth Weeks” organized by Haus am Maiberg, in Heppenheim, Germany.

Vasiliki Arvaniti shares:

I met the first participants of the project at the airport of Frankfurt. We were tired and anxious to find the taxi which would take us to our new home. When we arrived the feelings changed and we all started to have energy and enthusiasm to get to know each other. The most of the participants were already there and playing werewolf!! At the evening we had our first meeting and we learn about the rest of the project’s daily program.

The upcoming days through hundreds of new engaging activities – from debates, talk shows, workshops, and games, to the opportunity to discuss with a MEP and then the visit at the European Parliament in Strasbourg- helped us to form new ideas, attitudes and beliefs about many crucial European matters, our selves, the stereotypes that we have and the way we judge people from general ideas. And of course we had a lot of fun and enjoy the cultural diversity in Europe, something that was and a result from the fact that it only took us just a few days to become a group, a team and not only some random people from all around Europe.

For me living with so many unknown and different people was a lifetime experience. I believe I gained a lot of wisdom, broadened my horizons, mind and heart, and might have become a bit better person. This project wasn’t just to inform us about European issues, but through the activities that took place all the participants question themselves about their attitude and personality in many ways. To sum up it was an amazing experience that united many different people and educated them throughout a truly remarkable well organized program, something that provided an extra prestige to this project. It was a totally unique experience and I would gladly repeat it all over again and for sure everyone should take the opportunity to do it!!!

Thank you very much for this unique experience!!!!

Giannis Loukopoulos:

In order to fully imprint what I have on my mind about the European Youth Weeks experience.

I need way more than a paragraph but I will do my best.

There we were, people from so many different countries that felt uncomfortable with each other at start but would eventually become very close friends. Together we visited many places and learnt many things. In my opinion, the most interesting place was the European Parliament. To learn the inner machinations of a mechanism that deals with so many things was a unique experience.

European Youth Weeks 2016

Also, to be given the opportunity to see things from another perspective regarding a matter that you already had formulated an opinion about was enlightening. Finally, learning about the problems of other countries by hearing them from no other than the very people living in them was very helpful to make me realise that we are not just citizens of our countries but also of the world.

I feel thankful to have met so many interesting people and made friendships that will last.

European Youth Weeks 2016

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