Advocacy for social change in local communities – Fridays For Advocacy #4

Community organising is about empowering people. About making their voices heard. It is about achieving long-term and sustainable changes. The United States is the cradle of community organising. Saul Alinsky initiated the method in Chicago in the late 1930s. There, he helped poor communities to organise and press demands on politicians and business owners. It was a long road to bring this method to Europe, and currently, it is implemented successfully.

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Several organisations, initiatives, and non-formal groups across the continent have adopted it in their work with local communities. This workshop aims to introduce community organising as a tool for organisations to achieve social change in local communities. Through this session, participants will get familiar with the basic steps, and professionals of the field will share good practices of building a community group/organization. The session will be delivered by Senad Sakipovski, president of the Institut for Roma & Minorities (Wuppertal, Germany).

Aiming to build the capacities of youth organisations to pursue their agenda and be actively involved in the making of decisions that affect their work, this series will equip participants with skills and tools for choosing campaign topics, conducting stakeholder analysis, networking, political messaging, dissemination, and alliance building. Fridays for Advocacy are carried out in 45′ sessions, based on peer-to-peer learning. Each of the sessions is designed and will be facilitated by one of the members of the “A Partnership for Youth”, a pan-European network of civil society organisations active in the field of youth, led by Inter Alia.

Upcoming Dates: 28/5, 11/6, 25/6

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