Athens through women’s eyes

athens through women's eyes

Athens through Women`s eyes

Dear Women,

You are more than welcome!

We at Inter Alia will hold an event on the 17th of December, 2019, at 6 PM.

Through this event, Inter Alia aspires to empower women from different ages and different cultures about their lives in the city of Athens. People identifying as women are invited to participate in different interactive activities to get to know each other and experience Athens through different female eyes. In this way, the participants can share and discuss their own individual experiences regarding the challenges and opportunities of living here.

Expressing different experiences in similar situations can help all participants to reflect, process and cope with their everyday lives.

After the program, the participants can join in a party with an intimate female atmosphere.

Due to the project`s feminist focus, the participants will find themselves with a tight-knit group of peers during this evening. In addition to taking part in the activities and joining the party, participants will develop new acquaintances and expend their personal networks.

The aim is to encourage mutual support and help among women in the long term. We believe in the power of feminist solidarity, which leads to more security and self-confidence in order to be able to cope better with daily challenges such as prejudice, racism, financial insecurity and repression.

Together we are stronger!

***Who are we looking for?***
We welcome every person identifying as woman over 18 years of age, who is interested in meeting new women and sharing her experiences. Feel free to invite friends or family members.


Feel free to attend our event, message our profile or write an E-Mail to