ErasmusDays2020: Life beyond EU Funding

On the 15th of October we will be joining the celebration of the Erasmus+ programme and our 1st event will be held on 11-12.00 CET that day.

Together with some valued collaborators and partners we will be discussing how to build on the work we have done this far, supported by the Erasmus+ programme.

Our aim is to building on this body of work by identifying the strengths and weaknesses stemming from the funding framework.

To increase its impact and the quality of work we can provide to the society, we are advocating an alternative distribution of funds that will allow us to support the Erasmus+ principle in a more efficient way.

In achieving a more sustainable environment for youth organisations across Europe, we want you on board!

This event is part of our campaign “Life Beyond Eu Funding“, where over 100 civil society organisation as of early October 2020 have signed for an increase in the operational funding to youth organisations.

The event will be held online. Registered participants will receive links to participate through an online meeting platform. The event will be streamed live on Facebook.

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