“Let the sounds speak!” Music workshop

Music expression workshop. In a city full of loud and harsh sounds, let us add more timbres.

Let us make our surroundings richer in sounds, in beautiful auditory stimuli, more receptive to expression and inspiration.Let us communicate with each other through sounds and musical instruments.

Let’s discover new sound hues, and let’s make some music that before we played and listened to it, we had not even imagined.Let us fill a space with notes and musical sounds that will seek to find a balance, a form, a rhythm, a coordination and that will be entangled in a game of spontaneous discovery of music.

Let’s listen to the different sounds of the environment and see how they can serve as inspiration for creating music. Let’s get acquainted with new musical instruments, their sound capabilities, and how each of them can be a means of expressing moods and emotions in a music workshop that addresses everyone, regardless of musical knowledge, and aims at the empirical discovery of communication through sounds and music.If you have a musical instrument you can bring it with you.

If not, there will be various musical instruments in the workshop, as well as the “musical instruments” of the body such as the voice and the hands.To reserve your place, please fill out your info on https://bit.ly/Interarts_form.

As places are limited, after applying, you will receive an e-mail confirming availability.Register open until Friday, 16/10 at 15.00 or until all places are filled.Our privacy policy is in compliance with GDPR. During the workshop all necessary measures for COVID-19 will be strictly applied.Participation to the workshops is free of charge.

The workshop is an activity in the frame of Inter Arts Youth Communities for Social Inclusion.