“My amulet” | Outcast Europe makes a stop at Shedia Home

Visibility, invisibility and the transitions inbetween come to life through the stories of the Shedia street magazine vendors at the exhibition “My amulet”.

Displacement is often synonymus with migration and movement across borders. That is not always the case. The exhibition’s items follow the roads and paths that their owners followed when they became strangers to the places in which they were once locals. The narrators focus on work, (found) family and the self, through their personal routes and points of reference.

Outcast Europe exlores “histories from below” and explores movement and displacement as a continuous journey of people from different places and eras.

The opening of the exhibition is on July 3, 19:00.

Where: Shedia Home Ι Kolokotroni 56 & Nikiou 2, Athens
When: Monday – Sunday, 09:00 – 23:00 Ι 3 – 27 July
Free entrance