Positively Different Short Film Festival 2021


Building on the great success of last February, Positively Different Short Film Festival returns in 2021. 

Gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, religion, able-bodiedness – are influences of our present and future, life prospects and obstructions. PDSFF21 focuses on their intersections and follows the stories of characters, individuals and communities that experience oppression due to identities they carry.

Shedding light on life paths of “others” – often through realism and humor and other times through abstraction and experimentation – Positively Different Short Film Festival aims to act as a reference point for raising awareness with regards to intersectionality and discrimination, providing a safe space for co-creation and networking.

Starting with a plethora of films from across the world, the festival’s curating team selects the 40 finalist films to be screened from 19 to 28 March 2021 online at www.positively-different.net competing for 3 awards – Jury Award, Audience Award & Best Greek Production.

Filmmakers and documentarists participate with their creations, complemented by performances, discussions and events by artists, collectives and fellow institutions. This year’s event will conclude on the International Day Against Discrimination and will be celebrated with all those who share our vision and aspirations.

Festival Info
Friday to Sunday,
19-28 March 2021
Online at www.positively-different.net
Production: Inter Alia