Positively Different Short Film Festival 2022

March 11-13, TRIANON, Athens

Gender, sexuality, race, class, ethnicity, religion, able-bodiness – are determinants of our present and future, life prospects and obstructions. Positively Different Short Film Festival focuses on their intersections and follows stories of characters, individuals and communities that experience oppression due to identities they carry.

Shedding light on life paths of “others” – often through realism and humor and other times through abstraction and experimentation – the festival aims to give space to co-creation, networking and shaping of collective claims. Our aspiration is to turn PDSFF into an institution for promoting intersecting identities and raising awareness on issues of discrimination and oppression experienced by individuals and groups that fall through the cracks of representation in contemporary polities.

PDSFF22 – Communalities

Between the collective inertia caused by the insistence on individual experience and established but abusive groupings that only serve privileged minorities, there lies a dilating social space; our space. PDSFF22 explores the frontiers of different communities and the commonalities of characteristics, oppressions and struggles that constitute them. It follows entangled roots and underground channels that connect interest and identities that do not, at first, seem to have a relation to one another. It aspires to balance the need for free expression and safe spaces and the ambition to be effective and assertive towards structures that nurture discriminations.

After its great success in 2020 & 2021, this year the festival returns with a curated catalogue of approximately 40 short films from across the globe that will be screened at TRIANON cinema in Athens from March 11 to13 competing for 3 prizes – Best Film Award, Audience Award, Best Greek Production. Concerts, workshops and masterclasses, special screenings, poetry-slam sessions and discussions will assemble an intense three-day celebration of diversity and togetherness.

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