FILMINTS Communication & Filmmaking Training

3 – 4 and 11-18 December 2022 (Online & in Athens)

This December, the FILMINTS local working groups from Greece, Malta and Germany were finally formed and the first two trainings took place. Starting with a two-day hybrid Skills-development training, participants met each other and got familiarised with the concept and theory of intersectionality, and ways of applying it in their forthcoming work. The session about Communication focused on the establishment of common rules, ways of being brave and ultimately on ways of finding strength to tell a story that has been silenced until now. Participants shared and discussed experiences of oppression they have faced and the communities where they feel safe, find hope, and common ground highlighting, or even celebrating their differences. At a specific session, the participants engaged in a self-reflection exercise. Everyone wrote a user manual of themselves, focusing on their values, needs, fears, struggles, ambitions and current state in life. Afterwards, the participants shared in pairs, delving into the same topics and practising active listening.

The Filmmaking training took place a week later. The participants from Germany and Malta flew to Athens and everyone gathered to resume the discussion on intersectionality and personal experiences, this time focusing on the stories each one is ready to tell through the camera lens. This week-long training equipped them with the knowledge, materials and space to narrate what felt important to them in a way that it could reach others. 

They searched both in the Exarcheia neighbourhood and surrounding areas, as well as inside themselves to form stories about belonging, public spaces and personal struggles. Their own stories, but also the stories of the locals and of their friends and acquaintances. The training ended with the screening of the three short films produced: Open Windows, This is not Reconstruction | This is Politics and Crumbs for the Pigeons, where participants received feedback from their mentors, but also from their peers and the public. 

Read the full story in the following document.

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Read the evaluation report below.

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For more information you can contact Hara Papadatou and Boyka Boneva.

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