From Leipzig to Athens: A social worker’s Journal – Part 5

Overseeing Athens

This week was a little bit different. My sister and some friends visited me and I took some days off. The days went by in a flash, but the spirit of the past days is still with me. For me, it was quite exciting to have a part of my “world“ at home, in Leipzig, come in this other “world“ – my life in Athens. It was good to share my usual places with the people who are most important to me.

On the Acropolis hill

We embarked on a tour through the district of Exarchia, from the Polytecnio through the colourful streets up to the Strefi, a little mountain in Exarchia, from which we had a wonderful view of the city. For this reason, when I looked through the eyes of my friends, I became aware how Athens´ horizon is full of people and houses overlooking the city. From above, it seems like a sea of white houses without any green in sight. We also visited the Acropolis, which is an especially beautiful feature of the cityscape. I had been there years ago, but I was impressed again. I love places where you can feel the history. It would be exciting for us to rewind the time thousands of years back and stand at exactly this place, even if it is only for 5 minutes. In keeping with our historical experience, we strolled through the flea market of the Thissio district and got to see other old treasures.

After all kinds of big city flair and hustle, we followed our need for nature and peace and booked the ferry to the island Agistri. It was anything but loud and hectic. We felt we were the only people on the whole island. We explored this beautiful piece of earth on borrowed scooters. When does it happen to anyone nowadays, to find themselves taking in such beautiful sights, alone? We were fulfilled and grateful for this experience and enthusiastic about this island.

on a boat

We spent our last day in sunny Piraeus. I have already reported about this “belly tingle, this holiday feeling I had when I was here a few weeks ago. I realized that this feeling is much stronger when you are here with your beloved people. The sun, the conversations, the good food and the view of the sea charged me with happiness and energy. The last evening we celebrated in a traditional Greek tavern with live music and made our way through the liquor menu. In those days, I was able to share something of the unique feeling of life in this city with my friends. It is not only perfect, but certainly very special.

by the seaside

When I think back to the last few days and the conversations we had, I realize many things: I feel very comfortable here, but I miss my friends and family. I can be happy anywhere, if I have the right people around me. As much as the time alone here is important for me, it is most beautiful in community. Every place and every experience appears in a different light if you can share your thoughts about it. I am grateful for the feeling of missing, because it makes me realize how happy and grateful I am – for my family and friends, my dogs, my freedom…


Hi! My Name is Elisabeth Schreier but everyone calls me Elli. I am 25 years old and I have successfully completed my Bachelor of Arts: Social Work in September 2019 in Leipzig. In Leipzig I have gained different experiences as a work student like working for and with a youth living unit for minor, female refugees and working in a close-to-family, integrative, stationary living unit for children and adolescents. Besides social work, my heart beats for animals. For this reason-in addition to the fact that I have two dogs- I absolved an internship at the institute of animal-assisted therapy and pedagogics in Denmark last year. Before going to Athens, I was volunteering in a shelter with over 350 stray dogs in Crete. After this more physical labour, I am excited to absolve a two-months internship at Inter Alia as part of an Erasmus graduate fellowship. The focus is on gaining and experiencing international and new impressions, working methods and diverse perspectives.

While in Athens, I implemented a workshop on female perspectives on the city.For more information on my project contact me