Get it Right – Partners’ meetings

Get it right kick off 2

30 November-1 December 2018, Bacau Romania

The kick-off meeting of Get it Right project was hosted by the Romanian partner Romanian Youth Movement for Democracy in Bacau, Romania. Partners gathered up to discuss and finalise all the activities for next 2 years. This was more than an ordinary meeting as the team made important decisions and commitments about the profile of participants, the age range of participating youth workers and the methodologies used throughout the project.

Get it right kick off 1

28 May -2 June 2019, Constanta, Romania

Mid-term meeting, 28 May -2 June 2019

Mid-term meeting in Constanta, Romania: Representative from the Romanian Youth Center for Democracy, Inter Alia and the Donegal Youth Service, teamed up to finalise the structure and contents of the Media Literacy course in line with the specific learning needs of participants.

Get it right mid term 1

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