Grapes of Wrath project kicks off at the African Fest 2017


Φωτογραφία: Πάρις Ταβιτιάν / LIFO. Πηγή:

On the occasion of launching the Grapes of Wrath project organised and implemented by Inter Alia, migrant communities, civil society organisations, citizens and neighbours joined forces to celebrate co-existence and diversity.

The event, proposed by the African Network of Greece, offered a breath of cool air to the evening of Friday, July 14 and gave the citizens of Athens the opportunity to taste some typical summer drinks of Africa and attend a program of African dance and music.

Check out the full photo-report by Paris Tavitian of LIFO

Intercultural learning through gastronomy: Take a sip of Africa

Grapes of Wrath (GoW) is a capacity building project for youth workers that aims to explore and deconstruct patterns of psychological and social tension between in-groups and out-groups with particular reference to migrant communities in the EU. More specifically, GoW attempts to promote intergroup contact by conveying the agony of outsiders and inspiring empathy, using the art of movie making as a tool for communication.

The story of the Joad family from “The Grapes of Wrath”, 1939, the classic inter-war novel of John Steinbeck, and the revolutionary songs of Woody Guthrie about peace, equity and freedom are the starting point for developing a state of the art training module about inclusion using non-formal education.