Inter Alia Council of Members – Plenary meeting


Learning, organising & co-creating in the woods

Building a community that fosters reciprocal learning and collective intelligence is the primary goal of Inter Alia Council of Members. A common understanding of concepts and sociopolitical processes that are central to our work is key for sustaining this community. A collective reflection on the future of the organisation and its intervention is fundamental for our capacity to act. At the charming scenery of Aghios Andreas in Attika, we took steps towards these goals. Members spent quality time together, they laughed and played, raised questions on the structure and functions of the membership, designed activities and made commitments for their engagement in Inter Alia’s work in the upcoming months.

Learning activities

As to the learning activities of the meeting, Nikos Pasamitros, PhD, co-founder of Inter Alia and Manos Kalantzis, Lawyer, LLM, expert on European Law, delivered parts of the curriculum of Inter Alia in the thematic areas “Critical Thinking” and “The European Political Terrain”, respectively:

  • Culture, heritage and arts are inextricably connected to identity. Cultural projects, activities, and actions are by default politically loaded and refer to specific groups or individuals. In such activities issues of ownership arise determining their development, reception, and final product. The workshop offered theoretical and methodological skills for developing group-owned cultural and artistic activities and involved participants in group work in order to create draft plans of future projects that follow the philosophy and values of Inter Alia’s strategy for Culture and Arts.
Planning cultural and creative activities in line with Inter Alia’s strategy for Culture and Arts
  • Rule of Law is a component of citizenship that is often misinterpreted as to its width and depth. Still, the capacity of a political community to uphold the Rule of Law is key for maintaining social and political trust. In the European Union, discussions on breaches to the Rule of Law and “affordable” responses by the institutions have recently intensified. While the cases of Poland and Hungary receive the lion’s share of media attention, aggravating performances especially in the period of the pandemic put the narratives regarding EU values to question.
Old and New Challenges of the Rule of Law in Europe

Inter Alia Council of Members will shortly be open for new registrations. Stay tuned on our website and social media.