Our Team

Elina Evangelopoulou

Elina is the Communications Officer of Inter Alia since 2022. She studied Mass Media & Communications at the University of Athens and holds an MSc in Media and Migration flows. Her research interests include migration, media and marketing. Her master’s thesis researched communication practices and strategies for civil society organisations. She was in Lesvos Island for over a year, actively fighting for the refugee rights. She is driven by solidarity and is inspired by diversity; she a person full of energy who wants to create something that may help someone else. Elina met Inter Alia in a workshop back to 2018 and from then on, she became a supporter of the work, hoping one day to work together… and she did!

Hara Papadatou

Hara lives and works in Athens. She is studying Communication, Media and Culture with a focus on Cultural Management at Panteion University and is currently working towards her thesis: Body, Gender and Sexuality in Digital Arts. She has worked as an editor and editor in chief in various online magazines and co-hosts a radio program at the self-managed Metadeftero radio station. She is interested in the ways art inspires social action. She currently works at Inter Alia, in the communication department and as a junior project manager.

Martina Tresca


Martina is working on Inter Alia’s advocacy planning and activities. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Naples and Paris, she moved to Brussels for her MA in European Studies. There, she has worked in the European Parliament,  focusing on different EU policies, gaining experience in EU intra- and inter-institutional relations and decision-making processes. Passionate about youth engagement and empowerment, she likes taking part to Erasmus+ projects and advocating for better youth policies in Italy.

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