Life beyond EU Funding: Reports from the field

Dependence on project-funding card

How to build on the work we have done this far, supported by the Erasmus+ programme? What oversights have we noticed in our experience from the youth field? Members of Inter Alia’s network in the field of youth, presented selected Erasmus+ projects with the aim to inform policy makers on how funding mechanisms could be improved. In specific, they highlighted ways in which their work could have been more impactful were there more effective funding priorities/channels/instruments. During the meeting we identified strengths and weaknesses of the existing funding framework. At the same time, seeking to increase our work’s impact, we agreed on the need for more diverse channels of distribution of funds that will allow us to support the Erasmus+ principle in a more efficient way.

“Life beyond EU Funding” campaign currently involves over 140 organisations, unions and networks active in the field of youth from 38 European countries. It argues that operating funding to youth organisations needs to significantly increase. We request that structural support reaches 5% of the overall Erasmus+ budget in the field of youth on a yearly basis. We claim this can only be sustainable through a series of policy interventions in the system of allocation and the overall terms of operation of the youth sector on the EU level.

You may check the full discussion here

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