Making Soap

Training Course at Medinaceli, Spain

“Making SOAP” commenced on Sunday, September 28 at a beautiful neoclassical building in the village Medinacelli in the region of Soria, Spain. 24 Youngsters from 12 European countries were chosen to live and work together in and with the mountainous terrain in order to share ideas, opinions and experiences related to nature and sustainability as well as their importance in people’s lives. The project was organized by the Cooperative La Noguera Medinaceli in the context of the Erasmus + project (Key Action 1 – Learning mobility of individuals).

Inter Alia was a partner organization in the training and was represented by Maria, Maria and Pavlos. Participants attended a wide range of activities of non-formal learning that aimed at communicating the organizers’ problematization on the issue of sustainability. Trainers used different tools and techniques of experiential learning ranging from diverse outdoor activities (such as trekking, group excursions and field trips, camping) to making soap and knitting. Team work and peer learning also played a central role in the project. Participants cooperated for overcoming the shared “threats” during the second day adventure in the forest and for creating a joint plan for restoring and reviving a small abandoned house in a nearby village. The topic of sustainability and its theoretical and practical implications unraveled naturally during the days of the project due to the inspiring guidance of the trainers and facilitators.

In the end of the day, “Making SOAP” simultaneously opened the way for personal development and professional partnerships on a burning issue for Europe and the world – that of sustainability and environment friendly growth and development.