Mission Responsible: Nepal Study Visit

22 February to 14 March 2017, Photo Story

The first study visit team of the Mission Responsible project visited Nepal for a 3 weeks’ time in order to job shadow, conduct field research and organise and implement the second local event. The team consisted of Nikos Pasamitros (Inter Alia, Greece), Fausto Amico (PRISM, Italy) and Jean Marie Abdoulaye Diouf (Dimbaya, Senegal). The team was supported locally by Yagya Aryal and Prakash Bhattrai (CCN)

For the purposes of the study visit, the team visited the cities of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwol and Lumbini and the villages of Waling and Hungi.

Study Visit team with CCN interns and EVS volunteers in Kathmandu

Traditional Nepali wedding band in Palpa

Walking to Hungi village

Learning from local entrepreneurs

The bridge to Hungi

In Hungi Village

Interview with Shangaha, Leader of the “Youth Agricultural Farm”, Hungi

Interview with youth leaders, Hungi

The local women’s group activist organisation, Hungi

Local event, welcome ceremony, Hungi

Local event sharing session

Tea time after the local event

To learn more about the study visit in Nepal, contact Nikos Pasamitros at pasamitros@interaliaproject.com