Next Step for Youth Mobility

Partnership Building Activity organised by Eurocircle at Marseille, 6-9 October 2015

Ioanna Kyriazi One project with one purpose… Partnership Building Activity. The results were much more than this! Everything was perfect and every activity fulfilled the aim of the project. Marseille, as a city, also helped this project to be unforgettable. Get to know partners from 11 other countries, collaboration with many organisations from the city of Marseille, be informed and trying to discover all the processes a project needs, creation of ideas about projects, work on our own ideas by groups were the main activities of these 4 days. 4 days… Few on the first thought but enough in the end because of the well organised project and the full of activities days. Inspired and motivated are two words that can describe my feelings from this experience… Many thanks to Inter Alia for this opportunity ! We will meet again for sure…

Nikos Pasamitros An impressive PBA concerning the richness and density of its’ two-day duration. Too many local organisations and structures were participating in the programme. All the people working there do serious work on serious issues. People (trainers, participants and guests) were lovely and hospitable. Marseille is a fabulous city with a vivid cosmopolitan character. For me “Next Step for youth mobility” was a unique experience in all senses, thanks to everybody.

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