The Poor Cousin Documentary – Ask the Locals!

poor cousin

A documentary road movie that investigates the causes of corruption in a context of poverty, ignorance, and frustration

The “Poor Cousin” is a documentary road movie that captures the realities and challenges of small communities in different European countries that are considered problematic in comparison to an EU norm – real or imagined.

Local citizens from the municipality of Georgios Karaiskakis (Greece), Chavdar and Pirdop (Bulgaria), Bujanovac (Serbia), Krusevo (Macedonia – FYR), Bacau (Romania) and Caltanissetta (Italy) share their thoughts about the impact of EU funds on their communities and the allocation processes and habits.

Somehow, the very real problems of fund mismanagement and corruption seemed secondary when placed in a context of poverty, frustration, inequality and ignorance…

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This documentary is part of the “Ask the Locals!” project funded by the “Europe for Citizens” program. It is produced by the NGO Inter Alia in cooperation with the organizations from the partner countries.

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