Amerissa Giannouli

Amerissa Giannouli holds a B.Sc in Economics, specialized in Business Economics and Finance and a M.Sc in International and European Economic Studies, specialized in European Economic Policy from the Athens University of Economics and Business. She has worked as a researcher at the Athens University of Economics and Business and the International Center for Research on the Environment and the Economy focusing on socio-economic valuation methods, sustainable development and maritime spatial management. She has co-authored and published academic research with Cambridge University Press, Edward Elgar Publishing, Springer, Frontiers and IGI Global. She has been a certified trainer for adults of non-formal education since 2016. She has created, coordinated and facilitated a variety of non-formal activities in Greece and beyond. Amerissa has experience in project writing, project management and implementation. Research interests include radical political economy, political ecology, commons and social participation. She is currently enrolled in the online master’s programme on Degrowth: Ecology, Economy and Policy offered by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA-UAB) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Research & Degrowth academic association dedicated to research, training, awareness raising and events organization around degrowth. Her master thesis is focused on urban participatory spatial planning focused on youth. With her work at Inter Alia, she aims at critical youth empowerment and socio-ecological transformation. She is the inspirer of STEP Forward project and Youth Pool. She also used to be a member of the Greek Working Group (2018-2019) for the EU Youth Dialogue.


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