Why cinemas in Athens should remain cinemas: preserving our city’s cultural character

Policy paper by the Local Working Group in Athens in the framework of the FILMINTS project Cinemas are not only cradles of culture and a fundamental part of Athens’ cultural heritage. They are also places of social interactions, of forming meaningful connections, and of belonging. Gentrification and commercialisation have created a shift from traditional city-centre venues to shopping malls,…

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Why should I care about EU elections? 

Debate with Lefteris Papagiannakis For the second activity of our program “I vote for myself! Redefining a common path to 2024 EU elections”, Inter Alia will host a debate together with Lefteris Papagiannakis, Director of the Greek Council for Refugees and former Assistant to a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels.  Inter Alia invites you to engage in…

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Socio-ecological transformation: Let’s talk about Degrowth

In the context of our newly established Transnational Center for Political Imagination, we are organising a workshop on the topic of socio-ecological transformation, with a focus on Degrowth.     This workshop serves as an initial exploration into the concept of Degrowth, touching upon aspects of ecological economics, political economy, ecofeminism, and environmental justice. While we won’t unravel all the complexities…

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Workshop | Are we ment to paricipate in politics?

How do politics influence our lives?What does it mean to be a young European citizen today in our local reality?How does privilege shape the way we participate in society? Inter Alia is hosting the first activity of our programme “I vote for myself! Redefining a common path to 2024 EU elections”. In this two-hours workshop, we will try to…

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Super FEM | Call for Participants and Artists

Apply to be part of the working group and the crew of artists Are you a young woman (self-identified as such and only) willing to share your personal story for raising awareness on collective struggles?  Are you an artist residing in Athens, inspired by gender-related struggles and social justice? This call might be of interest to you! Focusing on…

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Roots Winter School 2023: Unseen Wounds – Uncovering the Layers of Violence | Call for Applications

November 30 – December 3, 2023 – Athens About Roots Winter School Held annually in Athens, Roots Winter School (RWS) is a three-day progressive learning program designed to cultivate hope, widen horizons, and catalyze action. RWS aims to push the boundaries of participants’ thinking, abilities, and imagination in order to foster a global society committed to the well-being of…

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Elections, rule of law, labour rights – July at EU institutions Spain takes over the Council of the EU’s presidency As of 1 July, Spain has taken over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union. This means Spain will lead the meetings of the 10 different configurations of the Council (such as Justice and Home Affairs,…

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